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Presentation of LandauCenter Traveling Exhibition of Interesting Science

August 15, 2017 Author: Veronika Vetukhova

220 school students from all Ukraine’s regions have viewed the LandauCenter exhibition with curiosity and saw the start of Ukraine’s largest Tesla coil

The participants of the III stage of the All-Ukrainian Children and Youth Military-Patriotic Game Sokil (Dzhura) have visited Karazin University training center LandauCenter. The game is to take place on August 13-14, 2017, in the village of Vatutine (Novovodolazkyi district of Kharkiv region).

220 school students and their instructors from all Ukraine’s regions viewed the center’s exhibits with curiosity. In the Lightning Room, those present saw the start of Ukraine’s largest Tesla coil. Besides, the visitors enjoyed the presentation of the updated scientific exhibits park of the traveling exhibition of interesting science, which is a joint project of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv Regional State Administration, and the Department of Science and Education of Kharkiv Regional State Administration. Moving from one themed platform of the exhibition to another, the schoolers could see a map of the starry sky and a celestial globe, images of the planets and star clusters, physical experiments. They had the opportunity to understand how a submarine submerges, to look through a microscope at the smallest living organisms, to know about the structure of bacteria.

Those present paid particular attention to the exhibition platform created by the QUADROSUN design team. In particular, there were an exhibit tying shoelaces with pliers; the device Aerostil allowing to present the basic aggregate states of matter, starting from the thermal motion of the crystal lattice atoms and ending with the chaotic motion of gas molecules; an interactive sandbox explaining the basics of building isolines of heights on topographic maps.

When the new academic year starts, all the exhibits and educational platforms will be sent to cities and villages of Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine in order to make science more understandable and accessible.

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