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For the Attention of Applicants! New Master's Program "Digital Society"

April 15, 2021 Author: ---

This is the first master’s program in Ukraine which trains specialists in digital communications

Karazin University School of Sociology, the best social sciences school in Ukraine (according to Forbes), has launched a new master's program "Digital Society".

This is the first master's program in Ukraine which trains specialists in digital communications who understand the features and trends of digital society, are acquainted with modern tools for Internet communications, web analytics services and evaluation of communication efficiency.

The program combines theoretical courses with intensive practical training.

The program graduates will be able to work as digital communications specialists in public authorities and local governments, sociological centers, public, political, commercial organizations, IT companies, media, press centers, scientific, educational, cultural, sports institutions, departments of public opinion research, personnel development, public relations, marketing, advertising, consulting, advertising and PR-agencies.

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