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A Page from Karazin University Students' Life: Citius, Altius, Fortius or not by Studies Alone

August 7, 2017 Author: Inna Zaets

Sports is a solid foundation for achieving high goals.

Physical training is an integral part of a person’s life, it ensures the person's activity. Physical training and sports not only provide you with a boost of energy and optimism but also strengthen your immune system. These fundamental truths are well-known among the Karazinites, who take sports seriously.

Karazin University students not only get classical education but also have an opportunity to improve their physical shape and strengthen their sports spirit. Throughout the whole term of their studies, the University students can improve their physical shape by using the University sports infrastructure: Karazin University Educational and Sports Complex, UniCourt, that consists of ten sports halls and a stadium and is one of the best tennis bases of our country, Unifekht Sports and Fencing Club, sports halls of the Institute of High Technologies, the Main and the Northern Buildings of the University.

The faculty of the Department of Physical Training and Sports comprises 40 instructors, among which are Masters of Sports of international class, in particular, faculty members awarded the titles of Merited Coach of Ukraine and Merited Worker of Physical Training of Ukraine. Such training enables the students to go in for sports both at the amateur and highly professional levels and to achieve significant results. As proof of that, Karazin University students become many-time champions of the world and Europe in different sports, winners of the World Universiade (World University Games or World Student Games), prize-holders, and participants of the Olympic Games.

The most popular sports among students are aerobics, athletics in sports halls, sambo and self-defense, fencing, water tourism and archery, as well as competitive sports: basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table and lawn tennis, draughts, etc. Besides, special lessons in groups of physical rehabilitation are organized for medically fragile students.

Karazin University annually holds the Athletic Games (Spartakiada), the First-Year Students’ Sports Festival, contests for the University President’s Cup in minifootball, the Student Trade Union Cups in volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis as well as sports tournaments and festivals organized almost at all the schools of the University. The University often acts as a co-organizer of competitions. For example, this year, Karazin University held its third annual sports competitions under the aegis of the University Ukrainian-African Academic Center. The Sports Week is a competition in football, basketball, table-tennis, chess and Scrabble with more than 100 foreign students participating.

Karazin University has been implementing the Students’ Health program for several years. Its purpose is to preserve and promote a healthy lifestyle among the University youth, to develop a morally, physically and mentally healthy generation. Within the framework of the Students’ Health program, Karazin University has held the actions “Learn about your Blood Pressure”, “Spring has Come — Lose your Weight!”, “Biorhythms — Discover your Type of Daily Working Efficiency”, student scientific conferences “Psychological Aspects of Stress at a Young Age”, “Risk Factors for Progress of a Disease at a Young Age”, “Preserve Youth’s Health — Preserve the Nation”. Karazin University has organized the news coverage within the framework of the program in mass media and social media. Therefore, the information and helpful advice as to healthy lifestyles, active recreation and sports are available online.

Even in summer, Karazin University remembers about its students and devotes no small attention to their health. For this purpose, Fihurovka Sports and Health Capm (Chuhuiv district) was created, which is one of the first student sports and health camps in Ukraine. Students, faculty and staff of the University, as well as members of their families can improve their health after an intensive academic year and exhausting work in the city there. This picturesque nook has a formula of a perfect holiday: two-storey summer cottages, clean artesian water, a pine forest and active recreational activities.

Let's have a sound mind in a sound body! The strong in spirit choose Karazin University!

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