Description of the program

The purpose of the program is training of specialists capable to apply mathematical knowledge, algorithmic principles in modeling, design, development and maintenance of information systems and technologies, to develop, implement and maintain intelligent systems of analysis and data processing in organizational, technical, natural and socio-economic systems, to manage effectively relations in the field of information and financial technologies.

The educational program is aimed at the formation of fundamental knowledge and professional skills in the use of information technology, financial technology, configuration, maintenance and operation of information systems (services) and networks, providing of their working capacity. The implementation of the educational process provides student-centered problem-oriented learning, the use of educational and practical methods of organization and motivation of educational and cognitive activities, training methods, business cases, practical consultations, the use of modern information and communication technologies.

Professional competencies of the educational program provide the formation of a system of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of modern organization and use of information technology, systems and networks, aimed at deep special training of modern specialists in computer science, proactive and quickly adaptable to modern changes in information technologies. The program takes into account the current requirements for solving practical problems in enterprises and organizations that use computer technology and information technology (systems, networks), any organizational and legal form, in which graduates work as executors of certain activities.

Practical training includes projecting and technological practice, which ensures the unity of theoretical and practical training of students on the automation of information processing, projecting, development and maintenance of information systems including the peculiarities of enterprise operation and specialized tasks. Practical training comprises the practice at the enterprise based on existing agreements with financial and credit organizations, institutions and IT companies.

Students can be involved in credit mobility programs (except for the first year of bachelor's degree), in particular in the Erasmus+ project. Upon completion of the program, the graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at the second (master's) level of higher education to acquire additional qualifications in the system of postgraduate education.