Valentyn T. Lazuryk

Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Senior Researcher


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Dear applicants!

You are now facing the most important choice in every person’s life — what to do in your life, what profession to choose, how to turn it into your favorite activity. This might be your first adult decision, but it will determine all your future life — career, material well-being, possibility of self-realization.

You belong to a unique generation because you were born and grew up with a computer. You very well cope with all modern electronic devices, quickly learn to work with them and, deep in your heart, you surely consider your personal gadget the only worthy companion. Well, we know how to make your favorite toy really useful for you!

At the School of Computer Sciences, you will learn to create large software products, to design complex computer networks and systems of artificial intelligence. You will acquire the basics of system analysis and applied cryptology, learn the secrets of modern programming languages and database development. Here you will know how to use information technologies in science-intensive industries and business activities, in computer-based complex economic and social systems.

It has long been known: "Who owns the information, owns the world". We add, “Who masters information technologies is able to change this world”.

Tomorrow you will hear your farewell bell, and the school will become history. Instead, a huge world opens up to you. Take it, it’s yours! Study, program, simulate, modify it. Let everything in it be as you wish! And we will show you how to do it.

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