Vitalii Serehin

Doctor of Law, Professor

Acting Dean

+380 (63) 589-29-81 (telegram, viber)

Dear friends!

We invite you to receive a higher legal education at the School of Law of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University!

The profession of a lawyer is one of the most honorable in the modern world. This profession requires knowledge, skills, courage, willpower. Remember that the profession of a lawyer is no less responsible than the profession of a doctor and is closely intertwined with the idea of justice. The decision on any legal case should be deeply balanced, thoroughly considered. And the main precondition for making such decisions is a high-quality training of a lawyer.

If you choose Law as your field of study, you will have the opportunity to realize your own potential. Studying at our University’s School of Law, you will receive a high-quality, prestigious education that will enable you to become not only a highly paid specialist but also to take leading positions in public life.

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